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SoulCollage® is an intuitive and imaginative process and pratice that is used for personal and spiritual work; it is fun and flexible and can be used throughout one's life. Seena Frost is the creator of this process that can be adapted for any age group and used in many settings. The process involves finding and choosing images and backgrounds from magazines and photos and then cutting these out and gluing or taping them onto matboard cards to make a deck of personal cards in several "suits." The process is both relaxing and transformative. The cards can be used for journaling, dialoging and readings. See for further information and for card samples. 

I have developed a series of activities around Life Cycle Stages for which people identify the major turning points and events in their lives.  The activities, which may include using photographs, SoulCollage (r) cards and writing  are fun and can lead to discoveries of feelings, beliefs, dreams that may have been  hiding out below awareness. 


Bethlehem, PA. 18017


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